What is the age or height required to go karting?

To ensure the safety of our drivers on the track, the main requirement for driving is height. The most important thing is that the race participant can easily reach the gas and brake pedals and be able to drive our go-karts without any problems.


Required height:

  • Approximately 150 cm tall to be able to independently drive a senior go-kart,
  • Approximately 130 cm tall to be able to independently drive a junior go-kart,
  • Approximately 110 cm tall to be able to be passenger in double go-karts.


For the comfort of our clients, we also have seat inserts and neck collars for the youngest participants. If the participant is slightly smaller, we encourage you to sit inside for test purpose. We cannot promise that in such a case we will allow you to ride, but if we manage to fit the appropriate helmet and the position in the go-kart is safe (including if the seat belts are not around the participant’s neck), we assume that it is possible to allow a slightly smaller driver to drive.

Is reservation required?

Reservations are not obligatory, but they make your visit to the track more efficient and shorten the waiting time for rides. Additionally, they allow you to view our booking calendar, so you to avoid visiting the track at a time when, for example, the track is exclusively rented.


The reservation is free and you can make it yourself at a time convenient for you.

We invite you to book your rides online on our website:


Do I need to have my own helmet?

Absolutely not! It is us who take care of your safety! Helmets are available in sizes from XXS to XXXL and we provide them free of charge! Remember that for hygiene reasons, a balaclava is required under our helmets. If you have your own, great – bring it with you! If not, you can purchase it from us together with the rides (for PLN 15).


For those who are into riding, our reception also offers a wide range of helmets and gloves in many sizes – from small to large. It is also a great addition to a gift such as a ride on our track or a lesson with a trainer!

Can I book track sessions just for my group?

Of course! Our Grand Prix formats are a proposition for organised groups that want to race on the track only among themselves! We currently have three GP formats on our track, which are available to our customers.


  • The Mini Grand Prix format consists of qualifying sessions (8 minutes) and a mass start race (8 or 10 laps*).
  • The Grand Prix format consists of a training session (8 minutes), qualifying sessions (8 minutes) and a mass start race (8 or 10 laps*).
  • The Grand Prix Max format consists of a training session (8 minutes), qualifying sessions (8 minutes) and a mass start race (12 or 15 laps*).


*depending on the currently used track configuration – depending on, among others, weather conditions


From Monday to Thursday, the offer is addressed to groups of 6 to 15 people, and on weekends to groups of at least 10 to 14 people.


Prices for Grand Prix formats start from PLN 150 per person!


Do you have any questions or are you interested?

Write to us at: gdansk@e1gokart.pl and we will answer all your questions and present you with a full offer for organising the event, also for larger groups!

Can a corporate event be organised on the track?

This is our specialty! Our go-kart tracks are a perfect place for corporate events, business meetings, training, birthday parties or stag parties.


We organise Grand Prix events on the tracks – training sessions, qualifying sessions and mass start final races. We can also adjust the competition formula to the individual expectations of our clients. Contact us to learn more about our possibilities.


We provide comprehensive organisation: competition management, catering, and multimedia. We can help in organising transport and accommodation! Contact us and together we will create a scenario tailored to your needs!

Can I join the Poznań Karting League? What are the requirements?

Anyone can take part in our competitions at any time of the season, even in one round! Regardless of your level of advancement, you will experience great emotions and top-level fun in our leagues! On our fan page, we publish current league events and useful information needed to take part in the competition.


The most important issue is for the driver to fit to our senior go-karts and fulfil the requirement to weigh at least 90 kg. Each competitor must weigh at least 90 kg. The track has the ability to weigh the go-karts by a maximum of 30 kg; if the competitor still needs more weight, they must provide it on their own).

Can a go-kart ride be purchased as a gift for someone else?

Sure! Here we offer two possibilities:

  • Purchasing vouchers on site, at the reception of our track
  • Purchasing vouchers online on our website


Additionally, as a gift idea, we can also offer a lesson with a trainer, and at the reception of our track, there is also a wide range of helmets and karting accessories available, which can perfectly complement a gift for motorsport enthusiasts.

How much do track rides cost?

The first 8-minute ride in a single go-kart on our track costs PLN 60, and each additional ride purchased that day costs PLN 55.


In the case of the first visit, a one-time fee of PLN 10 for registration and issuing a membership card should be added. We provide helmets free of charge on our track, but for hygiene reasons, we require wearing a balaclava. If you do not have a balaclava, you can buy one at our reception for PLN 15, you can bring your own balaclava or a full-face helmet, then you will not have to buy a balaclava from us.

What to wear for go-karting?

It is best to wear “sporty” or simply comfortable clothes that do not restrict movement, without loose elements such as hanging belts or scarves. The most important element is footwear – full footwear with a flat sole is mandatory on our tracks! Riding in flip-flops, sandals or high heels is prohibited!


Another important element is securing long hair, which must be tied up under the helmet.

Can I come with my own helmet?

Of course, then you do not have to wear a balaclava, which is required under our free helmets. We only allow full-face helmets for riding. Riding with a helmet that does not cover the entire head (“open”) is unacceptable.

Can adults ride with children?

During normal track operating hours, adults ride with children. During the session, Senior, Junior and Double go-kart rides take place on our track.

How to book a ride on the track?

You can make your reservation yourself and free of charge on our website



The publicly available calendar allows you to check track occupancy and better plan your visit to the track. After selecting interesting free sessions, go to the “Book” tab and then complete the fields required for booking, that is: name and surname, then select the day, type of go-kart (senior/junior/tandem) and sessions you are interested in. To complete the booking process, confirm your selection by pressing the “Save” button.


We remind you to arrive at the track approximately 15 minutes earlier to complete the registration process and pay for the booked rides.

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