E1GOKART created the Polish Champions Cup – an event that attracted top players from all over Europe. New edition - October 8, 2023

Save this date in your calendar now! On this day we will meet at the track in Chorzów to select the best in the field. This year’s edition is an even greater dose of adrenaline and emotions. You are about to compete in qualifying races, semi-finals and finals. However, emotions are not everything – attractive prizes await the players! The prize pool is 6000 euros, so there is a lot to fight for. To even out the chances of winning, we change the track configuration before the competition! The competition will be preceded by official training on the new configuration. Talent and skills matter here. But it’s not over yet… The Polish Champions Cup is part of the SODI WORLD SERIES ranking in the Sprint category – the world’s largest ranking!

Get ready for the competition with the biggest prize pool in Poland!


Competition schedule:

7.10.2023 Official trainings on the new track configuration

8.10.2023 PCC Competition



Elimination races

6 races in each series featuring 15 drivers.

Elimination race I: 2 qualifying laps (formation lap + 1 timed lap) + 15 race laps

Elimination race II: 2 qualifying laps (formation lap + 1 timed lap) + 15 race laps

Elimination Race III: 2 qualifying laps (formation lap + 1 timed lap) + 15 race laps

Semi-finals (TOP 45)

2 qualifying laps (formation lap + 1 timed lap) + 20 race laps

Final (TOP 15)

Super Qualifications + 30 laps of the race.

Super Qualifications: One go-kart is selected. Each competitor drives one timed lap according to the TOP 15 after the semi-finals (the competitor from 15th place starts, then comes the 14th and so on until the 1st place).

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