Poznań Karting League – the highest level of competition and the best karting experience!

PLK is a competition in which anyone can take part, at any time during the competition, even in one round! Regardless of whether you consider yourself an amateur or a professional, our league will provide you with great emotions, fun and adrenaline at the highest level!


The first season of the League has already started!


1st round – 12/03

2nd round – 26/03

3rd round – 09/04

4th round – 23/04

5th round – 07/05

6th round – 21/05

7th round – 04/06


You can join at any time during the competition!




3 x 4 laps – we take into account the sum of 2 out of 3 best times (we discard the worst result).

Based on the qualifying results, participants are assigned to appropriate groups – the 10 fastest drivers* will participate in the A final, and the next 10* drivers in the B final, etc.

Final races:

B, C, D, etc. finals – 15 laps on a large loop or 20 laps on a small loop**.

A final – a minimum of 15 laps on the large loop or a minimum of 20 laps on the small loop**. (the number of laps will depend on the number of competitors starting in the final).


  • cups for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the classification of a given round,
  • medals for the podium in “B final”, “C final”, etc.

*The organiser reserves the right to change the number of drivers participating in a given race in a specific round, about which the competitors will be informed at the judge’s briefing.

**Depending on the weather conditions – if they are favourable (appropriate temperature, no precipitation), we ride on a large loop (indoor part + outdoor part).


The Poznań Karting League is a competition in which anyone can take part, at any time during the season, even in one round!

Calendar and registration:

The current season schedule is visible in the “Season Calendar” section above.

Entry fee: PLN 199/round

Example format: 6 out of 8* best results of a given competitor will be taken into account for the general classification of the season (the 2 weakest/absent rounds will be discarded).

You can register for competitions at the reception until a given round starts.

Registration for official training:

Official training sessions will take place before each round. Only competitors registered for a given round can take part in them. During this time, no other customers use the track. The training registration form for a given round is activated automatically 14 days before the competition at 7:00 p.m.


Each competitor must weigh at least 90 kg. The track has the ability to weigh the go-karts by a maximum of 30 kg; if the competitor still needs more weight, they must provide it on their own).

Competition schedule:

4:30 p.m.-6:50 p.m. – official training

7:10 p.m.-10:30 p.m. – start of the competition (ending depending on the number of competitors / finals)


The division of competitors into qualifying groups is based on the times achieved in official training before a given round. The number and size of groups is determined based on the attendance at a given round. If a player does not take part in official training, they are assigned to the last, slowest qualifying group. Therefore, it is worth taking part in at least one training session, achieving the best possible time in the training session and being assigned to a qualifying group corresponding to your skills.

Each competitor takes part in 3 qualifying sessions. The sum of the two best single lap times from two different qualifying sessions determines the competitor’s place after qualifying and the starting position in a given final race.

*The number of rounds, general classification rules and full competition regulations will be published together with the schedule of the current season. We will publish the latest information in the Facebook event.

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The competition will be included in the global ranking of the SODI go-kart manufacturer. To join the ranking, simply create a driver profile.


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